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Customer Shut Off Valves-Customer side of Meter

In similarity to the PRV's, we are also compelled to remind our members that Shut Off Valves have been and still are a requirement to be installed on all members properties, customer side of meter. If you are a resident in Cypress Cove, then we strongly advise getting one of  these valves installed if you don't already have one, to enable water shut off, at some point between your meter and your house, preferrably at the point closest to your meter. Members may contact a plumber of their choice for this matter. Members are always responsible for leaks and repairs on customer side of meter, whatever the cause may be, including emergancy scenarios. CCWSC is not responsible to emergency calls to members' meters where there is no ability to turn off your own water to stop a leak!

Again, just as a friendly reminder, plan your projects ahead, before it becomes an emergency, and please take time to be familiar with Cypress Cove WSC's guidelines through our website and through your service application agreement.

Regards from your CCWSC Team